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Our brain

Brain Games

Will challenge your working memory and cognitive control

Powerful working memory

Enables quicker learning and an improvement in brain connectivity

Strong brain connectivity

Is an important component of human intelligence

More info about my brain

How Memorado works

Every human being is unique. The Memorado approach:

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I want to remember
names better.

1. Training goals

You tell us where you would like to improve

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2. Assessment test

Influences difficulty levels and choice of games in the training

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3. Personalized training schedule

Every day 5 games are selected matching your goals and skills

Our scientific background

Memorado is at the forefront of neuroscientific research.

  • Memorado has strong ties to the research community and was developed by brain training experts. More…
  • Clinical studies have investigated the correlation between brain training and an increase in working memory and fluid intelligence. More…
  • Memorado initiated the "Global Cognition Initiative" to connect neuroscientists from all over the world. More…


Brain training with Memorado

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Number of users that work out their brain with Memorado

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Average increase in brain quotient

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Used in 39 countries across the world

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Peace of mind + Secure

Your brain is very personal. We keep it that way.

Relaxed brain training with a maximum priority on data protection.

Through SSL encryption, separate data storage and regular, external security checks.

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Your gym for the brain.